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Honorable mention award at the International Silver Contest in Pasadena, March 2007

View Camera Magazine, Issue March-April 2007

"Italia" is an homage to Italy, Domenico Foschi's Motherland. Domenico calls the collection of these fine images "Lingering Past".

These photographs were taken partially in his hometown of Ravenna, a city of rich historical significance; for a time it was the capital if the Byzantine Empire in the Western World after the fall of the Roman Empire.

A special emphasis is given to the magical city of Venice, as it is featured in its own portfolio on this site.

"I started to document this magnificent city out of pure wonderment but, as I went along, the focus started to change." Venice is a doomed city, on one hand standing on soft ground, on the other it faces a rising sea level due to melting ice caps; its life expectancy is short and the magnitude of the problem is too big an obstacle for the limited human scale. This city is famous for its history, its waters in eternal contact with its architecture, its gondolas(gondole), and the decadent/romantic atmosphere that shines with unrivaled beauty. It has inspired sculptors, painters, writers, poets, the movie industry and musicians from all over the world. Four-wheeled transportation is impossible, giving the illusion that time has stopped. Venice has tried to defy the laws of nature, it has challenged what we call modern civilization and it is loosing its war. It was born because of a war, as a refuge from the invader and now is dying because of a conflict with modern times. Venice won't change, it is determined to keep time still, ...lingering." Lingering is here to be interpreted as connoting "desperation", which is why Domenico Foschi has this project at heart. "My heart cries out when I think that this city is slowly dying. Venetians have abandoned Venice nearly in mass: the humidity in the buildings forces the elderly to move elsewhere and the lower floors of the 'palazzi' are unsuited as living spaces. Furthermore, the indigenous feel deprived of their intimate relationship with the city since Venice is filled with tourists 11 months in a year. I shot these images in a one week, staying in the heart of Venice, and I know that I merely scratched the surface of what Venice is willing to show me. Not one day goes by that I don't long to be there and continue this project that cries out to be continued. I am looking for patrons who are willing to fund another outing to Venice so that I will be able to offer my personal tribute to this untouched city. Domenico shot these images with large format cameras, with 140+ years old lenses, using printing techniques sufficient to respect the will of Venice: to linger in the past at the price of its own death.

"Leaves" is a short study of tree leaves, using the same child-like approach of "interpreting" the subject as in "Tarnished Promises". This work's output is in digital format.

"Memory of Whispers" is a collection of black, white and sepia toned photographs depicting statuaries of Angels found in remote cemeteries.

The project, "Portfolio I", is a collection of sepia toned, black and white photographs of Architecture, Urban Landscapes, and life's "scarcely noticeable details" glowing with their own descreet Beauty. These are images found in the artist's solitary walks where on rare occasions he "hears a voice pointing fingers to Beauty". "It's about finding Beauty in the mundane, in the unnoticed. I feel I will never end this project: it started many years ago and I have no intention to stop."

Miscellaneous collection of Domenico's work.

In "Tarnished Promises", Domenico Foschi applies to finite forms a self discovered alternative process. Old kitchen gadgets and found objects are the subject matter. The "alternative process" utilized here involves a split sepia-selenium toning followed by an "un-orthodox" brushing of photographic chemistry. This process creates deep, rusty hues and an edge-like effect in selected areas of the image.